New Products for Fall 2020!

We all love our Norwex, and now there is even more to love! Norwex introduced new items at the end of July (they do this twice annually; January and July are typical). You can peruse the online catalog here.

I’ve got a few ‘new’ favorites listed below. If you’re interested in ordering any new items feel free to contact me or go directly to my Norwex website. 

Here is a quick and dirty list of the new items…

And here are some of my FAVORITES from our Fall 2020 new items. Hit the name of the item to link to a picture and further description on the Norwex website.

Face Masks – of course with the recent outbreak of Corona Virus we are all trying to stay safe. Norwex has started manufacturing face masks, and as per usual Norwex has created a superior product – they are EXTREMELY efficient. I do LOVE mine and you can get them in adult and child sizes. Independent testing shows how great they work!!Testing_Results_H

Enviro Scrub – Now offered in graphite as well as the blue. I’ve loved these since they were first introduced about a year ago. They have the kitchen scrubby cloth on one side and enviro on the other. And they are relatively thin unlike our sponge products.

Forever Bottle – Finally!! A sustainable glass bottle for all those jobs around your home. And because it’s glass you can add essential oil to the water without the affectation you’d have in a plastic or metal bottle. They also have a silicone non-slip sleeve. Thank you Norwex!

Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate – Although I haven’t tried this yet I do have some on the way. I’m looking forward to the work it will do around the house. I’ll update you when I get it.

Pet with a Purpose – Norwex gives back! A portion of the proceeds go to Washed Ashore – an organization making art out of plastic found in the ocean. Read about them in the New York Times. If you have littles this is an item you’ll want. Our stuffed turtle is made of the new material Norwex has left over during manufacture of our enviro cloths and other products.

Do you have questions? Or perhaps comments? Email me – I’m happy to help!


Norwex Dryer Balls

Norwex sells two kinds of dryer balls, wool and plastic. Either set is a great option for you to use in your dryer; your loads will dry faster, they reduce wrinkles and static, soften your clothes naturally, while reducing your exposure to chemical toxins. Win/win. I once had an engineer at a show calculate how much his family of five would save by using dryer balls, they pay for themselves in about three months! Calculations about the chemical harm avoided? PRICELESS!

I love my dryer balls and am so glad I started using them years ago. Regardless of which set you buy, put ALL the dryer balls in the dryer at once; two green or three wool. I’ll break down the benefits of each type to help you decide which is best for your family.

Green Dryer Balls – The cost for these is lower than our Fluff and Tumble (wool) dryer balls. Green dryer balls come with a one-year warranty and are estimated to last for 500 washings. That is about a year if you did 10 loads weekly.

The green dryer balls should be removed from the dryer when not in use (especially in cold climates) as they can get very cold in the dryer due to the outside vent. If left in the dryer the extreme temperature change from cold to a hot dryer load can cause cracking.

These are made from polyvinyl chloride along with many other household items like PVC pipes etc. They are a responsible choice for consumer end-use products. Using dryer balls, even plastic ones, is recommended over fabric softeners or dryer sheets for a number of reasons.


Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls – These are one of our Top 10 Sellers and a favorite of mine!  They are good for 1000 loads (about 2 years if you did 10 loads weekly), are warranted for two years, and are fully renewable. They are made from 100% New Zealand sheep’s wool which contains lanolin, a natural softener.

I love to add a bit of pure essential oil to the balls to give my laundry a light scent. Just add a few drops to one dryer ball at the end of the drying time (last 10 minutes). Instructions are included with the balls. You’ll need to replace these when they start to unravel or fall apart. I’ve had mine for over 4 years and they still work great!!

Comments or questions?

What’s in your Household Cleaner?

Do you know what’s in the cleaners you use in your home? Think about this…do you REALLY know? Unless you’re making it yourself you don’t. Here’s why…

In the United States there is no federal mandate to tell you what is in the cleaning products you purchase. So even if you see an ingredient list on the product, know that it most probably isn’t a complete list. There are going to be unlisted chemicals in those cleaners. And even worse…there aren’t any testing requirements for chemicals in cleaners!!

The Environmental Working Group has an entire article about the lack of federal oversight.

Now let’s talk about Norwex. Do you need a list of ALL the ingredients in our products? Norwex doesn’t put it on their products, but they do publish those lists for their consultants to access. And I can send any of those lists to you! All you need to do is Ask Me. YAY Norwex!