About Me

Hi there – I’m Patti Stauss and I’m happy you found me!!

2011tnhikecropI love to talk Norwex because it means I get to help another person, family or group discover how to save tons of time and hundreds of dollars. My personal mission is to Create a cleaner environment and healthier homes, one person at a time.

I went to my first Norwex party under protest. I had been cleaning for decades just fine, I didn’t need any suggestions. And – I hated microfiber so I wanted nothing to do with Norwex microfiber. I was the devil’s advocate at the party, and by the end I had booked a show!! I still didn’t believe it would work for me at my home. But the next morning I found out it did, and WOW how well it worked to clean my kitchen – with JUST WATER!!

Even though I had a lucrative full-time job I decided it would be fun to share this information with people, and along the way I could make some fun money as well. Fast forward to now, more than a few years later, and I will tell you having my own business and working it on my own terms has been an unexpected benefit from hawking these ‘rags’. I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Norwexing!

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